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Compensating The Victims Of Commercial Trucking Accidents

The Carrigan Law Group has handled cases involving negligent commercial truck drivers. Commercial truckers who are overworked drive tired and are inattentive to the road and the surrounding circumstances. Many times, drivers are paid, not based on safe driving records, but on the number of loads they can carry in a day or the number of miles they can travel in a given time. These pay techniques encourage fast and risky driving leading to tragic results. Through the years, Mark and his team of lawyers have represented the families of individuals killed, and those who are seriously and permanently injured by negligent commercial drivers.

Over his 30-plus years of practice, Mark has handled over 100 tractor-trailer and commercial driver negligence cases. He has represented victims of negligent tractor-trailer drivers in the states of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Oklahoma.

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Our firm is happy to take attorney referral cases for serious injuries. We also represent undocumented workers and their families. Se Habla Español.


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