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Car accidents: 1 dead in Houston wrong-way crash

There are thousands of miles of streets, roads and highways across the state of Texas. With so many travelers and traffic, car accidents are inevitable. While the majority of incidents only result in damage to vehicles or minor injuries, there are many lives lost in these crashes. Unfortunately, drunk driving is a factor in a good portion of the accidents resulting in fatalities. An alleged intoxicated driver was recently involved in a crash that claimed the life of another driver in the Houston area.

Officers from the Houston Police Department report that a 19-year-old was driving on Highway 90, traveling the wrong way in the southbound lane. He struck an oncoming car head-on, causing both cars to catch on fire. The wrong-way driver purportedly got out of his car and attempted to flee the scene in another person's vehicle. The driver in the car that was struck died in the fire.

Tired truck drivers: 3 things you should know

Driving a large commercial truck is no easy task. It is taxing on the body to be sitting for hour after hour and it can be hard to continue to pay attention as mile after mile after mile of road pass by. The long hours behind the wheel, combined with the monotony of the job can make even the best truck driver tired.

The problem is that this is dangerous. Not only for the truck driver, but for anyone else who happens to also be out on the road.

Car accidents likely to increase during Fiesta

San Antonio residents and others in surrounding Texas counties celebrate Fiesta for a 10-day period each April. The event, which began as a parade back in 1891 to honor heroes from the Alamo, is a massive festival that celebrates the area's diverse culture while making a major economic contribution to the region. One negative impact that accompanies the event is the increase in car accidents involving drunk drivers. Area law enforcement agencies are trying some creative approaches to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities during Fiesta for 2019.

The Texas Department of Transportation has developed the "Plan While You Can" campaign. There is a virtual reality game that people can play. The game focuses on the realities of what can happen when drinking and driving are mixed. The campaign encourages Fiesta-goers to plan for a ride instead of getting behind the wheel after drinking. Ride-sharing services are partnering with the festival and offering discounts with the use of their apps when securing rides.

Texas car accidents: 4 dead following Bastrop crash

Families often support each by attending various events, including everything from peewee football and Little League Baseball games to piano recitals and community theatre productions. One Texas family was recently heading to one such event, a dance competition in another town. Car accidents were likely the last thing on the family members' minds as they headed out on their trip. However, before they could reach their destination, a fatal accident occurred, claiming the lives of the four passengers in the family vehicle.

A mother was driving three of her children and a family friend to a dance competition in San Antonio, where her daughter would be performing. According to reports from the Huntsville Independent School District, the daughter was competing at a national drill team competition with her school. The family was roughly halfway to San Antonio when the accident took place.

Protecting yourself from the threat of distracted driving

While at a stoplight, you may glance over to the car next to you and notice the driver is texting. You may consider yourself a safe driver who rarely, if ever, falls victim to the temptation of checking your phone while driving. Seeing another driver so clearly distracted can cause you to worry about your own safety amidst the drivers around you.

Unfortunately, distracted driving continues to be a problem across both Texas and the country. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 19 percent of the 537,475 motor vehicle crashes in 2017 involved distracted driving. Nationally, almost eight in ten consumers admit to talking on the phone while driving.

Car accidents: 19 dead on Harris County roadways

There are thousands of roads across the state of Texas, from two-lane highways to major interstates. Much effort is made by state agencies as well as law enforcement officials to ensure the safety of travelers on these roadways. Unfortunately, car accidents still occur, with many involving drunk drivers. One county recently saw its traffic fatalities increase over the course of a weekend.

According to the Vehicular Crimes Division of the Harris County District Attorney's Office, there were 19 deaths over a four-day period. During that timeframe, almost 300 arrests were made in the county for driving while intoxicated. This high number was attributed to the fact that spring break, the end of rodeo season, a street racing event and St. Patrick's Day all took place over this particular weekend. Reportedly, no one was permitted to refuse a Breathalyzer or blood test throughout this time.

Automaker does its part to reduce speed-related car accidents

There are many common causes of car accidents that get a lot of attention: drunk driving, texting while driving and inattentive driving, just to name a few. But one of the most common and deadly causes of car accidents is a hazard that all drivers tend to take for granted: speeding.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, about 27 percent of car accident deaths in 2015 involved speeding. Driving too fast for conditions makes a collision both more likely to occur and more likely to be fatal.


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