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Workers' compensation: Texas deputy killed in routine stop

No family is prepared for the unexpected death of a loved one. Unfortunately, such a loss can often create a difficult financial situation for surviving family members. However, if the loss comes as a result of a work-related accident, the family may be entitled to workers' compensation. Such may be the case after a fatal accident in Texas resulted in the death of a deputy.

The incident happened around 7:30 a.m. on a day in early July. According to reports, the 32-year-old deputy and his partner pulled over a vehicle on a Texas interstate due to an alleged traffic infraction. Unfortunately, a pickup truck reportedly struck the deputy and the vehicle that had been pulled over.

Workers' compensation: 4 common causes of construction deaths

Although every construction site in Texas may pose many unique hazards, workers on all building sites must also be prepared to deal with the typical dangers of this industry. Some injury types make up a significant portion of workers' compensation claims filed by construction workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has identified the "fatal four," which represents the four injury types that cause most of the fatalities in this industry.

All these deaths and injuries are preventable by compliance with safety standards. Falls cause most of the fatal injuries, and all workers at elevations that exceed 6 feet have to wear adequate fall protection. Adequate safety rails or guards must be installed on open edges of work platforms and scaffolds. Electrocutions are the second most prevalent cause of employee deaths, mostly involving direct or indirect contact with energized power lines.

Safety group urges changes to help prevent trucking accidents

Earlier this month, congressional members held hearings to assess the state of the trucking industry. During the hearings, which were attended by several trucking organizations, matters related to safety such as drug testing were explored. Due to the heavy presence of these large commercial vehicles traveling along Texas highways, actions that can reduce the possibilities of truck accidents are in the best interest of the public.

One group offered testimony to congress concerning purported evidence that suggest that thousands of drug tests are giving false negative results. The group, Alliance for Driver Safety & Security, testified that overwhelming evidence shows truckers are avoiding detection of drug use when they submitted to urinalysis testing. In comparison, drivers who submitted to hair sample testing were more likely to test positive if they had indulged in any illicit drug use.

Do you know how to drive safely around tractor-trailers?

Serious motor vehicle accidents happen on Texas roadways daily. Often, these incidents involve victims who did nothing wrong and became involved in the crash due to the reckless actions or negligence of another person. Every time you hit the road, you face this risk.

Because you undoubtedly want to do your best to stay safe and to keep your passengers safe while on the road, you likely take in all the safety tips you can get to ensure that you stay a conscientious driver. Practicing safe driving is especially important when you share the road with semi-trucks.

Group advocates for speed controllers to reduce truck accidents

Various groups and agencies are tasked with improving the safety of travelers along the nation's highways. As a result, there have been many improvements in trucking regulations geared toward reducing the numbers of serious truck accidents. Sadly, with the increased use of commercial vehicles to transport goods, it is likely that there will continue to be serious crashes on Texas interstates. 

One group has renewed its calls for restrictor plates to be installed on all semi-trucks. Road Safe America, a highway safety advocacy group, was formed after the founders lost a child in a fatal crash in 2002. The group posted a message on social media sites urging members to contact their congressional representatives and demand that they take action to require speed control devices on all class 8 vehicles. The group argues that passing this requirement would not create an economic hardship on trucking companies since a majority of these vehicles are already equipped with these devices.

Workers' compensation denial: What is horseplay?

It is not uncommon for workers in various industries in Texas to have a bit of fun at work, and while it is mostly innocent in most cases, they might not understand how dangerous it could be. Games, tricks and pranks could lead to devastating workplace accidents in the blink of an eye. For that reason, injuries suffered during horseplay might not be covered under the company's workers' compensation insurance.

Many hours are spent at work, and it is only natural to want to have fun doing it. However, losing sight of workplace safety for even moments can cause injuries that could range from minor to catastrophic and life-changing injuries or even death. The consequences of horseplay might not be worth the bit of fun because innocent co-workers who were not even part of the fun could be the victims.

Car accidents: 1 dead in Houston wrong-way crash

There are thousands of miles of streets, roads and highways across the state of Texas. With so many travelers and traffic, car accidents are inevitable. While the majority of incidents only result in damage to vehicles or minor injuries, there are many lives lost in these crashes. Unfortunately, drunk driving is a factor in a good portion of the accidents resulting in fatalities. An alleged intoxicated driver was recently involved in a crash that claimed the life of another driver in the Houston area.

Officers from the Houston Police Department report that a 19-year-old was driving on Highway 90, traveling the wrong way in the southbound lane. He struck an oncoming car head-on, causing both cars to catch on fire. The wrong-way driver purportedly got out of his car and attempted to flee the scene in another person's vehicle. The driver in the car that was struck died in the fire.

Tired truck drivers: 3 things you should know

Driving a large commercial truck is no easy task. It is taxing on the body to be sitting for hour after hour and it can be hard to continue to pay attention as mile after mile after mile of road pass by. The long hours behind the wheel, combined with the monotony of the job can make even the best truck driver tired.

The problem is that this is dangerous. Not only for the truck driver, but for anyone else who happens to also be out on the road.

Car accidents likely to increase during Fiesta

San Antonio residents and others in surrounding Texas counties celebrate Fiesta for a 10-day period each April. The event, which began as a parade back in 1891 to honor heroes from the Alamo, is a massive festival that celebrates the area's diverse culture while making a major economic contribution to the region. One negative impact that accompanies the event is the increase in car accidents involving drunk drivers. Area law enforcement agencies are trying some creative approaches to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities during Fiesta for 2019.

The Texas Department of Transportation has developed the "Plan While You Can" campaign. There is a virtual reality game that people can play. The game focuses on the realities of what can happen when drinking and driving are mixed. The campaign encourages Fiesta-goers to plan for a ride instead of getting behind the wheel after drinking. Ride-sharing services are partnering with the festival and offering discounts with the use of their apps when securing rides.

Texas car accidents: 4 dead following Bastrop crash

Families often support each by attending various events, including everything from peewee football and Little League Baseball games to piano recitals and community theatre productions. One Texas family was recently heading to one such event, a dance competition in another town. Car accidents were likely the last thing on the family members' minds as they headed out on their trip. However, before they could reach their destination, a fatal accident occurred, claiming the lives of the four passengers in the family vehicle.

A mother was driving three of her children and a family friend to a dance competition in San Antonio, where her daughter would be performing. According to reports from the Huntsville Independent School District, the daughter was competing at a national drill team competition with her school. The family was roughly halfway to San Antonio when the accident took place.


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