There are thousands of roads across the state of Texas, from two-lane highways to major interstates. Much effort is made by state agencies as well as law enforcement officials to ensure the safety of travelers on these roadways. Unfortunately, car accidents still occur, with many involving drunk drivers. One county recently saw its traffic fatalities increase over the course of a weekend.

According to the Vehicular Crimes Division of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, there were 19 deaths over a four-day period. During that timeframe, almost 300 arrests were made in the county for driving while intoxicated. This high number was attributed to the fact that spring break, the end of rodeo season, a street racing event and St. Patrick’s Day all took place over this particular weekend. Reportedly, no one was permitted to refuse a Breathalyzer or blood test throughout this time.

One fatal accident occurred when a 36-year-old man was driving the wrong way on an interstate highway north of Houston and struck another vehicle. The man has been charged with intoxicated assault and intoxicated manslaughter, killing the other driver. Two different wrong-way accidents claimed the lives of five people over the weekend. Both crashes were apparently caused by alcohol impairment.

It is tragic when loved ones die in car accidents. However, the heartbreak is compounded when those accidents occurred because of a drunk driver. A victim’s family may decide to pursue wrongful death litigation against the person deemed responsible for the accident. A successful outcome in a lawsuit can provide family members with compensation for funeral costs and other related expenses as well as possible awards for their grief and loss. A Texas personal injury lawyer can assist survivors with every step of the legal process.