San Antonio residents and others in surrounding Texas counties celebrate Fiesta for a 10-day period each April. The event, which began as a parade back in 1891 to honor heroes from the Alamo, is a massive festival that celebrates the area’s diverse culture while making a major economic contribution to the region. One negative impact that accompanies the event is the increase in car accidents involving drunk drivers. Area law enforcement agencies are trying some creative approaches to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities during Fiesta for 2019.

The Texas Department of Transportation has developed the “Plan While You Can” campaign. There is a virtual reality game that people can play. The game focuses on the realities of what can happen when drinking and driving are mixed. The campaign encourages Fiesta-goers to plan for a ride instead of getting behind the wheel after drinking. Ride-sharing services are partnering with the festival and offering discounts with the use of their apps when securing rides.

Officers stress that drinking while driving has major consequences. Of course, an accident could occur where someone is seriously injured or killed. Also, if arrested, a drunk driver could face fees, lose a driver’s license or experience time in jail.

When lives are lost in car accidents, whether during Fiesta or any time, it is a tragedy. That loss is magnified if a driver was under the influence of alcohol. Survivors of such accidents may decide to pursue wrongful death litigation against the driver thought to be responsible. While nothing can bring back loved ones, a successful lawsuit can offer compensation for funeral costs and other related expenses, as well as possible award for grief, pain and suffering. A Texas personal injury attorney can help families navigate the legal proceedings.