Families often support each by attending various events, including everything from peewee football and Little League Baseball games to piano recitals and community theatre productions. One Texas family was recently heading to one such event, a dance competition in another town. Car accidents were likely the last thing on the family members’ minds as they headed out on their trip. However, before they could reach their destination, a fatal accident occurred, claiming the lives of the four passengers in the family vehicle.

A mother was driving three of her children and a family friend to a dance competition in San Antonio, where her daughter would be performing. According to reports from the Huntsville Independent School District, the daughter was competing at a national drill team competition with her school. The family was roughly halfway to San Antonio when the accident took place.

Officials from the Department of Public Safety reported that the mother had stopped to make a left turn on a highway about 30 miles from Austin. While waiting for traffic to pass, a truck struck her car. The mother was transported to a nearby medical center in serious condition. The passengers, the woman’s 17-year-old and 12-year old daughters, her 12-year-old son as well as a family friend were all killed in the collision.

The driver of the truck, an 18-year-old man and his passenger did not suffer any injuries in the crash, according to reports. Video footage from a neighborhood business showed that the car’s turn signal had been on, allowing ample time for the truck to stop. According to the DPS, the truck had been traveling at 58 mph and did not attempt to stop until approximately 0.6 seconds before the collision occurred. An investigation is underway to determine if the truck driver had been distracted by cellphone usage.

When car accidents that result in fatalities are caused by distracted drivers, the victims’ families may decide to pursue wrongful death litigation. A Texas personal injury attorney can assist survivors with this process. While nothing can bring back loved ones, a favorable outcome in a lawsuit can help defray funeral costs and provide an award for the pain and suffering experienced by the loss.