There are thousands of miles of streets, roads and highways across the state of Texas. With so many travelers and traffic, car accidents are inevitable. While the majority of incidents only result in damage to vehicles or minor injuries, there are many lives lost in these crashes. Unfortunately, drunk driving is a factor in a good portion of the accidents resulting in fatalities. An alleged intoxicated driver was recently involved in a crash that claimed the life of another driver in the Houston area.

Officers from the Houston Police Department report that a 19-year-old was driving on Highway 90, traveling the wrong way in the southbound lane. He struck an oncoming car head-on, causing both cars to catch on fire. The wrong-way driver purportedly got out of his car and attempted to flee the scene in another person’s vehicle. The driver in the car that was struck died in the fire.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office stated that the 19-year-old failed sobriety tests after being taken into custody. Apparently, the man told the police that he was at a nearby club and had recently been drinking. The man faces charges of failing to stop and render aid as well as intoxication manslaughter. The employees at the club where the man had been drinking could also be charged in the incident.

While nothing can bring back loved ones lost in car accidents, many families want to hold those deemed responsible for the loss accountable. A Texas personal injury attorney can help survivors pursue wrongful litigation claims. A favorable outcome in a lawsuit could provide compensation for funeral expenses and other costs as well as potential damages for grief, pain and suffering.