Serious motor vehicle accidents happen on Texas roadways daily. Often, these incidents involve victims who did nothing wrong and became involved in the crash due to the reckless actions or negligence of another person. Every time you hit the road, you face this risk.

Because you undoubtedly want to do your best to stay safe and to keep your passengers safe while on the road, you likely take in all the safety tips you can get to ensure that you stay a conscientious driver. Practicing safe driving is especially important when you share the road with semi-trucks.

How can you stay safe?

Understandably, driving next to or near a tractor-trailer can cause any driver in a smaller vehicle to feel uneasy. You may worry that the truck driver will not see you and merge into your lane, or you may worry that the driver is traveling too fast and will not be able to stop in time to avoid a collision. Unfortunately, either of these scenarios is possible. Of course, you can help yourself stay out of such a situation by considering the following tips:

  • Never change lanes suddenly in front of a truck.
  • Change your speed to accommodate truck drivers attempting to merge. Do not unnecessarily block a merger or lane change.
  • Avoid pulling onto the road in front of a large truck, especially if your vehicle cannot accelerate quickly.
  • Do not enter a truck’s space as it is attempting to make a right turn.
  • Make sure to drive where truck drivers can see your vehicle, and stay out of “No-Zones,” or blind spots for truck drivers.
  • Avoid driving between large trucks.
  • Do not pass a semi-truck when it is unsafe to do so.
  • Do not improperly merge onto a roadway in front of a large truck.

These tips are only a few that could help you avoid causing or contributing to a serious truck accident. Remaining a defensive driver is in your best interests as well.

What if an accident happens?

Regrettably, even if you do your best to implement every safety tip you know, a serious truck accident could still leave you with serious injuries. The tractor-trailer driver could have acted negligently or recklessly, and you may not have been able to avoid a collision. If so, you may have reason to file a personal injury claim against that driver and other parties considered liable in the injury-causing crash.