One thing that we are asked often at the Carrigan Law Group is how to deal with an employer who has not subscribed to workers’ compensation insurance. You may be aware that Texas is one of the only states that allows employers to choose not to enroll in workers’ compensation insurance.

While it may not be possible to guarantee a full payout for every type of injury that occurs on the job, we will work to our utmost ability to help you with your case. When you are enlisting the aid of an attorney in these situations, it is important to look for someone who is experienced in arbitration. We are confident in our experience and knowledge that it is not uncommon for workers’ compensation cases to land in the arbitrator’s office.

More Texas companies are opting out of workers’ compensation, but when they do so they are taking a risk. The Texas Department of Insurance warns that non-subscribers forego immunity to lawsuits from injured workers. In addition, when injuries occur, non-subscribers must report all employee injuries and illnesses to the state.

If you are employed by a non-subscriber and find yourself injured and unable to work, do not fall into the trap of thinking you will be unable to receive financial compensation. The only way to know what you are able to receive is to pursue the matter. Our website contains a section on workers’ compensation where you can learn more about what is involved if you wish to address your situation in the court of law.