One of the reasons why large trucks pose a danger on Texas highways is that their centers of gravity are much higher than passenger vehicles. This makes them more susceptible to overturning. When a truck overturns, it is not only a hazardous situation for the driver of the truck but to the operators of other vehicles. Surrounding automobiles could crash into the overturned truck, or the truck could land on another vehicle, potentially crushing its occupants.

The latter situation played out on northbound Interstate 35 in Dallas last week. The truck driver describes losing control of his vehicle after braking in response to getting cut off. The truck overturned on its side and landed on a smaller vehicle, crushing the top portion and pinning the other driver inside. Lifting the trailer off of the other vehicle required a light-duty tow truck and two heavy-duty tow trucks. The 75-year-old woman driving the other vehicle died from injuries sustained in the crash.

No information is available as to the condition of the truck driver. An investigation into the cause of the accident is ongoing, and authorities have made no mention of filing any criminal charges. The fire department had to temporarily block off both of the center lanes, the left lane and the left shoulder of I-35 during rescue efforts. Firefighters had accomplished this by the time law enforcement arrived at the scene.

A truck overturning is a scary situation for everyone. Nevertheless, the risk of serious harm may be greater for occupants of smaller vehicles in the vicinity than for the truck driver. Individuals injured in a truck accident may find it helpful to contact an attorney.