Texas workers should know the frequent causes of injuries on the job. Regardless of the industry, these scenarios account for the highest rate of the most common workers’ compensation injury claims annually.

The staff at Carrigan Law Group PC want to ensure you stay as safe as possible while making a living. We want to inform you of these pitfalls so you can hopefully steer clear where possible and avoid suffering a painful injury. Explore the top causes and resulting injuries in the workplace.

Handling material in daily job duties 

Workers who deal with lifting, carrying or transporting items, like inventory for stores or construction materials, have the highest percentage of workplace injuries. Almost one-third of all workers’ comp claims occur as a result of this type of activity. The common resulting injuries include:

  • Muscle strains
  • Ligament sprain
  • Cuts and deep punctures
  • Bone fractures
  • Inflammation

Even something like a muscle strain can sideline an employee for days or weeks.

Tripping, slipping and falling 

Ever walk around the office and trip over a piece of upturned carpet? The experience may have resulted more in embarrassment than injury, but it could have gone the other way just as quickly. Tripping over something, sliding on a slick surface or falling as a result can cause some of the most common and painful injuries. Whenever one of these events occurs at a great height, such as a construction site, or on an outdoor surface, like icy steps, the chances of sustaining a more severe injury increase.

Staying safe at work is a priority for every worker and employer. Get more insight into typical workers’ compensation injuries and their causes on our website.