The workers’ compensation system goes through changes often due to different trends in various industries, technology changes and other things happening within society. Currently, technology is having a significant impact on the system. There are also some societal issues arising that affect the system. Depending on the industry in Texas in which you work, these changes may impact you.

The Hartford explains technology is having a rather positive impact on work injury and illness rates. Ergonomic furniture and designs in offices help reduce repetitive stress injuries. Computer upgrades enable manufacturing to operate more efficiently and safely. Some technology can even do high-risk job duties instead of an employee. In general, technology is making the workplace safer and removing many risks that lead to common claims.

On the other side of things, there are some issues on the rise that have a negative impact on work injury and illness rates. The use of medical marijuana is a gray area. While it may be legal to use, it makes drug testing difficult. Then, there is the opioid crisis, which is creating changes in how workers’ compensation covers certain medications. Finally, the threat of active shooters is something many workplaces must develop comprehensive plans to combat. These issues all create the need for changes within the system and within the workplace that could impact a claim or benefits you may get.

How these issues impact you depends on how well your employer is implementing the beneficial technology and protecting you against the negative things. You may not see any effect, but understanding the changes within the system is still essential as it could impact you in the future. This information is for education and is not legal advice.