Automobiles with advanced safety technologies are becoming more common, even on Texas roadways. Big rigs, while a crucial part of the economy are also dangerous. When accidents do occur with passenger vehicles, they are devastating. The sheer size of a large truck versus a smaller vehicle speaks for itself. AAA reports that installing advanced safety technologies on big rigs might cut accident numbers down.

The claim is that the safety technology may be able to prevent around 60,000 crashes in one year. Safety technology in vehicles is extremely beneficial. Safety technology includes lane departure warnings and safety monitoring systems. Many newer car models have lane departure warnings. Truckers are renowned as an overworked group. Say that a person dozes without his or her own knowledge and starts to shift lanes. The car can steer back into the correct lane and stir the driver. Emergency braking can stop a truck before it hits obstacles in the road, including other vehicles.

This provides truckers with a warning to get off the road. Other drivers may also feel safer if the truckers had access to this technology. In fact, an AAA study found that over half of all adults feel unsafe when sharing the road with trucks. Trucks are larger, may drift from their lanes and have less visibility than smaller passenger vehicles. About a quarter of adults report that they would feel safer sharing the road if the drivers had some form of safety technology.

The above information is meant to provide information on trucker safety and automated technology, but it is not supposed to be interpreted as legal advice.