Car and truck accidents resulting in injuries or fatalities occur all too often across the state of Texas. Alert and defensive drivers know that paying close attention to the road may help prevent accidents in many circumstances. However, defensive driving isn’t always enough to avoid injury or fatality when facing an unusual event or situation. 

According to KCBD News, a collision between a passenger vehicle and a semi occurred Thursday, January 2, 2020, just outside of Lubbock County. The driver, Meadow volunteer firefighter Rhett Green, suffered injuries. The passenger, Green’s 8-year-old son, died in the collision. 

Investigating officials report that the semi had stopped within the westbound lanes of FM 41 near Ropesville, Texas. The driver of the semi exited the vehicle to get directions and engaged the truck’s hazard lights. Green did not realize the truck was completely stopped in enough time to prevent a collision. He swerved to avoid the truck but impacted the left rear of the semi with the right front side of his pickup truck. Green’s son died at the scene. Emergency personnel treated Green for injuries and he was then taken to the hospital. The truck driver was not injured. 

Exceptional or bizarre circumstances like these are not always avoidable, and it can be difficult for officials to determine who is at fault. No matter what the determination, however, there are steps victims can take to increase recovery potential, and they don’t have to do it alone. Contacting an attorney for representation may help victims of accidents get through a difficult time and receive the maximum compensation possible.