Speed is often a factor in serious accidents, and many of the most severe accidents involve large trucks. This may lead you to wonder if lowering the speed limits for larger vehicles might help reduce the number of serious accidents they have.

Trucks.com explains that higher speed limits are quickly becoming common across the country. While this may be fine for smaller vehicles, a large truck going a high speed can introduce all types of dangerous situations on the roadways. It takes trucks longer to come to a stop, which is only made worse when the truck is traveling at a high speed.

One of the biggest concerns is that at a higher speed, a crash with a large truck will be even more deadly because it increases the force of the impact. Furthermore, studies show that many drivers go faster than the posted speed limit, which increases the risks even more for accidents.

One solution is to reduce the speed limit for larger vehicles. There are many opposed to this because they do not think it makes sense to have different speed limits for different vehicles on one road. Another more common option is putting speed limiters on trucks. These devices make it so a driver cannot go over a certain speed. This gives the company control over managing the drivers better and takes the ability to exceed the speed limit out of the driver’s hands.

In any case, studies show that higher speed limits increase accident rates and fatalities in accidents. Since truck accidents are typically the most severe accidents that occur, it only makes sense that many want to push for lower truck speed limits to prevent accidents and save lives.