Sometimes, the consequences of a car crash are immediately recognizable. For example, someone who suffers a broken leg or a severe laceration will recognize that they are hurt. Unfortunately, some auto accident injuries are not always evident, such as brain trauma and internal injuries. However, these injuries are often very devastating. 

Some people suffer stomach pain following a wreck and it is imperative to seek treatment right away. Sometimes, this pain is an indicator that a serious internal injury occurred and it is crucial to address the pain at once. 

Internal bleeding and organ damage 

Stomach pain is often an indicator that something is very wrong and there are a number of injuries that result in abdominal discomfort. Sometimes, the pain is very intense, but even minor pain necessitates immediate medical attention. In fact, abdominal pain and internal injuries are very common in car crashes, especially since many victims are injured as a result of their seat belt. Other symptoms of abdominal trauma include bruising, vomiting, constipation, bloody stool and diarrhea. 

The consequences of an internal injury 

Internal injuries lead to many consequences for victims. Sometimes, these injuries are life-threatening, while others limit a victim’s ability to work or pursue their interests in life. Moreover, it is imperative to recognize that stomach pain and other symptoms are sometimes delayed and do not always arise immediately following a motor vehicle wreck. If a reckless driver has caused you to suffer internal organ damage or any other serious hardship, it is crucial to take a stand for your legal rights and our blog covers similar topics.