When behind the wheel of a car, you know that distracted driving is dangerous. When talking about distracted driving, often people talk about texting and driving, switching radio stations or adjusting the GPS. While these are serious concerns that you should take into account when driving, they are not the only distractions.

According to Geico, there are driving distractions that drivers do not always think about in advance.

Active pets

A lot of people love to travel with their pets. There is nothing wrong with taking your dog for a drive or going on a family trip and including the pets. However, it is important to ensure that the dog will not distract you. Your pet always needs to be restrained in the car and should never be on your lap. You should not feed or cuddle your pets while driving.

Negative emotions

Emotions can be a distraction. If you drive while you are upset, you could increase your risk of an accident. If you are feeling stressed or upset, you may want to cool down before you decide to get behind the wheel. A study showed participants who experienced anger, sadness or agitation behind the wheel were more likely to wreck the car.

Fast food

Do you eat while you drive? Most people do. In fact, around 70 percent of all drivers admit to eating or drinking in the car. It is important to recognize, however, that when you eat and drive, your risk of an accident increases. You could spill your food, burn yourself or lose control of the vehicle due to a slippery wheel.