If your work environment is unsafe and you sustain a serious on-the-job injury, you may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits to help you through the recovery process.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has maintained records of workplace injuries since 1971. While serious workplace injuries happen for many reasons, OSHA statistics indicate that four types are often fatal. Watch for circumstances at work that may put you at risk for one of these accidents.

  1. Falls

Falls are regularly the leading cause of death for workers across the country. Any type of fall may leave you with serious injuries. Traumatic brain injuries, sprains and strains are common ground-level fall injuries. However, you must be particularly cautious when working on a ladder or platform. Using a safety harness and erecting barriers can help you stay safe.

  1. Object strikes

In busy factories and warehouses, object strikes are a common hazard. If a small object, such as a box, falls on your head, you may sustain a traumatic brain injury. A strike from a heavy object, such as a forklift, may be even more catastrophic. To stay safe, wear appropriate personal protective equipment. Also, remain alert in case you need to maneuver away from danger.

  1. Electrocutions

Many workplaces have dozens of potential electrical hazards. If you touch exposed wires, you may suffer a serious electrocution. Therefore, you must be careful when working with extension cords, power tools and utility boxes. Everyone who uses these should inspect them before and after use. If you must place a ladder or climb onto an object, you should check for overhead power lines.

  1. Entanglements

If you work with equipment, tools or heavy machinery, you have some risk of entanglement. Paying attention to your surroundings is a good way to minimize this risk. You should also use safety guards when working with tools that may crush or cut you.