You probably know about the state’s laws regarding the use of safety seats for children. You also likely do your best to wear a seat belt and ensure your children do, but even the best intentions do not always work as planned to offer protection in an accident.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that car accidents are the leading cause of death for children. The reasons behind this statistic are sobering because these deaths are completely preventable.

Drunk driving

The biggest risk to children is drunk drivers, which result in one of every five deaths of a child in an accident. Perhaps the most shocking part is that more than half of those children were in a car with the drunk driver responsible for the accident. While you cannot prevent others from driving under the influence, you can make smart decisions before you get behind the wheel after drinking.

Safety seats

Even if you are diligent about putting your child in a car seat or booster or making your child wear a seat belt, your child could still be at risk in an accident. Many children die due to improperly installed car seats or not using them properly. Car seats require exact installation according to manufacturer instructions. In addition, the use of the harness or seat belt with the seat must be correct to offer proper protection.

When it comes to seat belts, older children need to wear them correctly. They should lay along your child’s hips and across his or her chest and shoulder. If your child’s seat belt does not fit correctly, he or she may need to use a booster seat.