Texas construction workers like you often face many field-related risks. You face a higher rate of injury. Not only that, but these injuries often tend to have more serious repercussions, too. 

Among these injury risks is the risk for a fall. Unfortunately, fall injuries can have permanent impacts on your life. The damage is often lasting. 

What do fall stats look like in construction?

The National Safety Council looks at falls that occur while on the job. They start with statistics. For example, of 48,060 workers injured in falls in 2016, 24,700 of them happened to construction workers. This means the field of construction is the single most dangerous for fall risks. 

Next, 697 of these total workers died in their fall. Of those deaths, 134 of them happened on the same level an employee was working on. In other words, you are not automatically out of the woods just because you are not working at great heights. 

Where do fall risks come from?

They also note that all fall accidents are preventable. Many of them stem from issues that you or an employer could fix. Examples include: 

  • Faulty or outdated equipment 
  • Improper safety gear, or a lack of safety gear entirely 
  • Not enough emphasis on how to use equipment and gear in a safe way 
  • Employers rushing workers through a job, not giving them enough time to inspect things thoroughly 

In other words, negligence makes up a big part of fall accident causes. What if you feel like your company is also making these mistakes? If so, you may want to consider contacting OSHA or Human Resources to report.