The lasting effects of a car accident are something that many people have to deal with. You may have to learn to walk again or wear a cast on a broken bone. Some people may have brain injuries that require extensive treatment and care. One side effect that you may never consider is arthritis, but it is more common than you think. 

The Cleveland Clinic explains that it is quite possible to suffer from post-traumatic arthritis after an injury from a car accident. 

The cause

Post-traumatic arthritis distinguishes itself because it occurs after an injury to a joint. While arthritis of any kind affects joints, this diagnosis requires an injury to the area specifically. The pain and symptoms are similar to any other type of arthritis. It also happens for the same reason: the joint wears out. 

You will usually see the onset of the condition as you age. You may heal well from the injury and not have issues for many years and then suddenly begin to see symptoms. 

The reason

The reason that arthritis occurs is that the original injury damaged the bone or cartilage in or around the joint. This makes the joint work differently than before, which leads to it wearing out more quickly and easily. It does not matter how well you healed or have anything to do with the medical treatment you received. Your body changes after an injury, and this leads to arthritis. 

The symptoms

Post-traumatic arthritis happens most often in the ankle, hip or knee. You will notice swelling and joint pain. You may also have an accumulation of fluid in the joint.