Many companies are changing the work environment rules and allowing workers to work from home. With this new trend, there is a growing concern about safety.

According to Forbes, when an employee works from home, the employer is still liable for work injuries. Since you cannot control your employee’s home environment, you need to find ways that you can encourage safety when workers are not at a location with you.

Understand your insurance

You need to make sure that your workers’ compensation insurance will still cover your employees when they work at home. You have to under the law provide this insurance coverage, so it is essential to know if you have to make policy changes to continue legally-obligated coverage. Furthermore, you do not want to wait until someone makes a claim and you become liable to pay because you did not have the proper insurance coverage.

Set requirements

You can also set requirements for a home office. You can tell employees that they must work in a room alone with the door closed. You may require employees to work on desktop computers rather than laptops. These things can help to minimize potential situations where an injury could occur.

Do home inspections

While employees may not appreciate this, it can help to protect you in the event of an accident. Plus, it gives you the chance to do an audit where you can see what you need to provide to help avoid injuries while your employee works at home. You can also provide any equipment that will encourage safety, such as a special chair or a footstool.